Breeze ET Lite

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The Breeze ET Lite is your tool to start or add to an environmental testing empire. The affordability and simplicity of it makes the Breeze ET Lite perfect for those looking to start environmental testing. With all of the mechanics that make the Breeze ET the most reliable environmental tester on the market, but none of the luxury functions that make it one of the more expensive, the Breeze ET Lite is the most practical environmental tester there is.  

The two biggest differences between the Breeze ET Lite and Breeze ET are the lack of screen and the lack of self calibration.

The lack of self-calibration results in the need for a yearly calibration, which all you need to cover is shipping. 

The lack of a screen results in the need for the user to time their test and turn of the device themselves if they are not running a standard 10 minute test. Also, it lacks a battery life indicator, but luckily the device can of course run off the plug if needed.

- Variable speed motor! 15 LPM at all times for the best accuracy of any mold test.
- Oversized motor for longevity.
- Premium Stand included.
- Longest lasting battery
- A full year warranty.  Extends to two years FREE for InspectorLab clients.
- Works with all the most popular spore traps.

Designed, Assembled, and even most of the components manufactured in the U.S.

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