Breeze LS - Dual Radon Testing Canisters - Lab Fees Included

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Pack: 1
The Breeze LS (Liquid Scintillation) is a radon detecting device that is analyzed by the professionals at PriorityLab to give accurate and quick radon results. This device is perfect for inspectors who do not get a lot of radon requests, but want the ability to offer the service. The Breeze LS can be used for duplicate tests against CRM’s. The Breeze LS is also perfect for commercial setting where it would not be practical to place 50 CRM’s in every space. Instead with the Breeze LS, all that is needed is to simply place an LS kit on site and have results analyzed by PriorityLab. Sold in quantities of 1, 5, 10, and 50.

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