Breeze Radon Monitor

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The Breeze Radon Monitoring System’s feature and build quality is much higher than any other rival CRM (continuous radon monitor) in the market. 100% Online Managed and Battery Powered, Breeze makes your radon monitoring tests, well, a breeze. Certified throughout the U.S., Canada, and beyond, Breeze is not only the most accurate CRM but it is also guaranteed functional for life. The Breeze Radon Monitoring System also comes with free calibration. Place your order today and start testing with confidence.

The Breeze Radon Monitor now meets all guidelines and is Certified by

Our CRMs carry a monthly service fee of $41.50 if you own 9 units or less and $35 each if you purchase 10 or more. This includes cellular connection for the units as well as lifetime customer service including calibration, technical support, device upgrades, and damage protection!

We also offer a trade in program if you are looking to switch from another CRM product! Trade-ins receive a $250 device credit toward a Breeze CRM, 90 days of free monthly service, 9 months of half price-monthly service, then that monitor will qualify for the lower $35 monthly fee for the duration of ownership.

Specification Sheet:

Not available for sale in New Jersey

For bulk orders or financing, please call (833) 450-2946 or email

Lifetime Warranty

Battery Powered

100% Online Managed

Free Calibration

Auto Reporting